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Ordering Information

5x7 photo $10
5x7 in 8x10 mat $15
8x10 photo $20
8x10 photo in 11x14 mat $25
11x14 photo $35
12x18 photo $60

Shipping Information

8x10 (and under)
11x14 (and over)

 Tax Included in All Orders
Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.
All photos have a glossy finish. 

Please contact Tylene  for any questions
or to place an order

Sitting fee $25

Event shoot starting at $100

Location shoot starting at $50

Photo packages starting at $10 per page

Customized invitations/brochures starting at $25

Photo cards $3 (4 for $10)

Magnets $2   Bags $8-$10

Jumbo Sized -  6"x8"
Antelope Valley California Poppy Postcards
available for only $1 each
photos by:  Kay Hendrickson
 Tylene Trout
Sue Craft



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